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A photo of three pork carnitas tacos in a cast iron skillet topped with fresh jalapeno slices, diced red onions, and cilantro with a squeezed lime on the side.

What Are Carnitas?

这里有一家名为Oteos的当地餐厅,我 - 实际上我们 - 迷恋他们的炸玉米饼。Cade通常去牛排炸玉米饼,但我总是得到卡尼塔斯。他们的猪肉肉食是我曾经拥有的最好的。卡尼拉斯略微多汁,柔软,含有最有趣的柑橘。除了用猪肉扔在炸玉米饼上扔小橙色和腌制的红洋葱,你甚至可能不会抓住它。就是这样。没有疯狂的酱汁和混乱,只是一个干净,惊人的炸玉米饼。


I have some Spanish abilities but even someone with minimal Spanish knowledge will know that carnitas literally means “little meats.” It originated in state of Michoacán, Mexico. Carnitas are most often made using pork and braising it in lard until super tender. I’ve heard of people making beef carnitas, but when I hear carnitas, I automatically think pork.



为了制作最好的猪肉卡内塔,你需要一定要使用Carnitas调味料的合适混合物。幸运的是,我们为你做了腿部工作!以下是我们曾经制造过这种正宗的卡内斯食谱(请注意这篇食谱有三个部分 - 盐水,猪肉和烹饪成分):

  • 橙汁
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Bay leaves
  • Brown sugar
  • Kosher salt
  • Spices (there are lots, but all are pantry staples!)
  • 骨头猪肉屁股
  • 菜籽油
  • 青柠汁
  • 鸡汤



猪肉buttis what you’re after when it comes to carnitas. It has a higher fat content, which makes the meat super juicy and tender.

What’s the Difference Between Pork Shoulder and Pork Butt?

Did you know thatpork shoulder and pork buttare the same thing? Pork shoulder actually comes from the pig’s shoulder, so why is it also called pork butt if it’s not coming from the pig’s toosh? This name dates back to Colonial times when Boston butchers would pack the pork shoulder in barrels that they called butts.

Here are some other names that you might see tossed around for pork shoulder:

  • 野餐肩膀
  • 猪肉butt
  • 波士顿屁股
  • 波士顿肩膀
  • Fresh pork butt
  • 波士顿屁股roast
  • Shoulder roast

A photo of three pork carnitas tacos in a cast iron skillet topped with fresh jalapeno slices, diced red onions, and cilantro with a squeezed lime on the side.

How to Make Carnitas at Home


2. Flavor the meat.让我们最好的猪肉肠道的下一步是干擦。它用最好的味道包装这个猪肉!猪肉培养后,将其从液体中拉出并用纸巾擦干。然后用干擦(盐,牛至,干橙皮,洋葱粉,大蒜粉和地面香菜)完全揉搓。

3.. Cook low and slow.The dry rub is the key to getting that crusty exterior that is to die for! Set that butt in a roasting pan with the roasting liquids and it cooks low and slow at 225 degrees F for 12-14 hours. I always check the internal temperature at 12 hours and it has almost always been done. An internal temp of 200 degrees is the magic number you are looking for. That is the temp where pork shoulder becomes perfectly shreddable!

4.. Crisp up the meat.Add the shredded pork to a well oiled skillet and toss as it begins to crisp. Remove to a pan and repeat until all batches are done!

read more:如果你喜欢这个猪肉卡尼塔斯食谱,你也会喜欢我们的Carolina Pulled Pork!!

A photo of a mound of shredded pork carnitas on a dark gray plate and topped with fresh cilantro, red onions, slices of fresh jalapenos and lime wedges.

Do I Have to Brine Pork for Carnitas?

In short, YES! Brining is the process of adding moisture to muscle fibers within food and dissolving the proteins most often using high concentrations of salt. When pork is brined, flavors and moisture content are enhanced. Our BEST pork carnitas should be brined for a minimum of 8 hours or overnight. Brining is an absolute must!

Can I Make Pork Carnitas in a CrockPot?

绝对的!这些猪肉肠道肯定可以在慢炖锅中完成。按照写入的说明进行操作,然后烹饪在慢炖锅中低8-10小时. After the meat has rested, you will still want to crisp the meat in a pan on the stove-top before serving.

Can I Make Pork Carnitas in an Instant Pot?

Yep! We have anInstant Pot Carnitas recipe在我们的博客上,我建议使用它。

Can Pork Carnitas Be Frozen?

Yes, carnitas make a great freezer meal! To freeze them, allow the meat to cool completely and transfer to a freezer bag. Leave a little bit of extra room in the bag since the meat will expand when freezing. Frozen carnitas should be eaten within 2-3 months.

A photo of three pork carnitas tacos in a cast iron skillet topped with fresh jalapeno slices, diced red onions, and cilantro with a squeezed lime and a halved avocado on the side.



  • Tacos
  • Burrito bowls
  • Soups
  • 炸玉米饼沙拉
  • Burritos
  • Quesadillas
  • 三明治


We like to keep the toppings simple on these pork carnitas tacos just like Oteo’s because the meat is so dang good. But feel free to do as much or as little as you want for toppings. A few taco topping ideas are:

  • Fresh pico de gallo
  • Shredded cheese
  • Fresh cilantro
  • Pickled red onions
  • Fresh orange
  • Salsa
  • 切碎的莴苣
  • Hot sauce

A photo of a mound of shredded pork carnitas on a dark gray plate and topped with fresh cilantro, red onions, slices of fresh jalapenos and lime wedges.

Tips for Making the BEST Pork Carnitas

我们更喜欢使用骨头猪肉对接,因为骨骼增加了菜肴的味道。如果您使用无骨或拔腿猪肉肩,很可能会更快地完成。只要留意它 - 我就会开始检查大约9-10小时。

Note that meat likes to rest after it comes out of the oven. I get it, meat! I love me a good rest too! Resting allows the juices to redistribute and reabsorb back into the meat, which then makes the meat more tender and juicy. We allow our pork to rest for up to 2 hours before shredding it to make our favorite pork carnitas tacos.

If you know you’ll be freezing some of the pork carnitas, I recommend waiting to fry the meat in the oil until you thaw and reheat it. This way you’ll still have crispy pork carnitas even though the meat was first frozen!



The BEST Pork Carnitas

Prep Time: 8.hours
Cook Time: 12hours
总时间: 20.hours
服务: 16



  • 2Cups橙汁
  • 4.Cups
  • 2Cups尖酸刻薄苹果酒
  • 2海湾叶子
  • 1/2Cup红糖
  • 1/2CupKosher Salt
  • 1TablespoonCumin
  • 1TablespoonOregano
  • 1TablespoonOrange Peeldried
  • 1Tablespoon熏制辣椒粉
  • 1Tablespoon辣椒粉


  • 3-4猪肉Butt那bone-in * (see notes for using boneless or cubed pork shoulder)
  • 2汤匙Cumin
  • 1TablespoonKosher Salt
  • 1TablespoonOregano
  • 11/2TeaspoonsOrange Peeldried
  • 2Teaspoons洋葱粉
  • 2TeaspoonsGarlic Powder
  • 1TeaspoonGround Coriander


  • 菜籽油,最后的脆弱
  • 1/2Cup橙汁
  • 1/4CupLime Juice
  • 1/4CupChicken Broth


For the Brine

  • Combine all brine ingredients in a large pot and stir to combine.
  • Add the pork and place a lid on then stick it in the fridge for 8 hours or overnight.


  • Heat the oven to 225 degrees F.
  • 从盐水中取出猪肉,用纸巾擦干。
  • 将摩擦混合在一起并擦过猪肉。
  • Mix together the liquids and pour in the bottom of the roasting pan.
  • 添加猪肉。
  • 烹饪12-14小时或直到内部温度达到200度F.
  • Remove the meat and let rest for up 2 hours.
  • 撕碎肉并将液体放在一个fat separator.
  • Heat some oil in a pan over medium high heat.
  • Add the shredded pork in small amounts and toss as it begins to crisp. Remove to a pan and repeat until all batches are done.
  • 用脂肪分离器的一小果汁折腾!


  • 如果您使用无骨或拔腿猪肉肩,很可能会更快地完成。留意它。我会开始检查大约9-10小时。
  • To make this dish in a slow cooker, follow the same instructions except cook on low for 8 - 10 hours. You will still want to crisp them up in a pan on the stove after the meat has rested.
猪肉carnitas can be frozen for up to 3 months.
Nutrition Facts
The BEST Pork Carnitas
每份金额(1 g)
Calories174 Calories from Fat 45
% Daily Value*
Fat5.g 8.%
Saturated Fat 2g 13.%
Cholesterol51毫克 17%
Sodium4058毫克 176%
4.3.7mg 12%
Carbohydrates13.g 4.%
纤维1G 4.%
糖10g 11%
Protein17g 3.4.%
Vitamin A466IU. 9%
Vitamin C22mg. 27%
Calcium53毫克 5.%
2mg. 11%

A photo of three pork carnitas tacos in a cast iron skillet topped with fresh jalapeno slices, diced red onions, and cilantro with a squeezed lime on the side.

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  • Mmm this looks amazing! Thanks so much for bringing this to us. I have it in the brine now. My delivery company sent me a larger (5.5lb) bone in pork butt. Do you still recommend 10 hours in the slow cooker?

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    • 在慢炖锅中,我会给它一点时间。10小时后检查它,但它可能需要多达12次。享受!

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  • Hi! I made these carnitas yesterday, and they were to die for. I’m so happy to have a good shredded pork recipe. The only thing is that the meat wasn’t quite as tender as I envisioned it was going to be, and I was hoping you could give me some insight on that. I followed the recipe exactly, except that I realized I didn’t have 12-14 hours, so I did 8 hours in the crockpot. At the end of the 8 hours, I made sure the meat was at 200 degrees. Why wasn’t it super tender (some parts were, others were a little hard to shred)? Was it the meat quality? Or because I did it in the crockpot instead of the oven? Or cooking too long or too short?

    我在烹饪中找到了如此多的快乐,你是我最喜欢的食物博主之一。您总是在博客中提供有关烹饪的大量信息 - 我读到帖子时合法地成为一个更好的厨师。亚博体育下载谢谢!

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    • Hey Jennifer! You could do 8 hours in a slow cooker on low and it should still fall apart and be delicious!

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    • 今天制作这些!闻起来很棒!虽然问题,你有肉休息还是在冰箱里?今晚等不及要吃这个!

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      • It should rest just out on the counter. Enjoy!

  • Hi guys,

    我m planing to make this recipe this weekend. So I wanted to reach and get your opinion about using a pressure cooker.

    We have a family recipes for barbacoa that we make in the pressure cooker. We normally do about 1.5hrs at constant high heat. We normally do large chunks of boneless meat; combo of fatty meat and lean. So I couldn’t tell you the total weight.

    Do you think the recipe will work with the pressure cooker? If so, about how much time do you think will Be enough? For a 3-4lb shoulder.

    I don’t mind doing the recipe in the oven or slow cooker. But I figured I’d ask about the pressure cooker if it saved me some time.


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  • 我计划明天在慢炖锅里(盐水今晚)。当肉在慢炖锅中时,肉是否应该干燥?

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    • 你要干它后你拿出来of the brine and then add the dry rub to it. Place it in the slow cooker and then add the mixture of orange juice, lime juice and chicken broth to the slow cooker around the bottom of the pork butt. Don’t pour it on top of the pork so you don’t wash off the dry rub. Does that make sense? Enjoy!

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  • 任何时间和设置的提示,以转换慢炖锅

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    • 绝对的!我ll add a section in the post. Such a great question! Do the exact same process and cook on low in the slow cooker for 8-10 hours. You will still want to crisp them up in on the stove top at the end. enjoy!

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  • 我m sorry, but this pork did not have a good flavor. It was actually quite bizarre. I tasted the rub prior to using it and it was delicious and it smelled wonderful while it was cooking. I’m thinking maybe the brine is the reason for the bad taste after the pork had cooked. I had made this for a family dinner and it tasted so bad that we had to order a pizza instead. I’m Cuban and have made many pork butts in my life. I was in the mood to try a different recipe, however this one, unfortunately is not a good one. I really wanted to love this but something is very wrong with this recipe.

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    • Did you drain the brine before cooking it? There’s no way it had a bad flavor if you followed the brine recipe and cooking instructions correctly. It is so tasty!

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  • Hi!

    Two questions:
    1. Should the roast be covered?


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    • Hi Faith! Great questions! I’m probably too late now, but I hope they turned out well. For the next time you make them, it should be uncovered and it can sit right in the juices in the roasting pan.

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  • 我没有看到关于使用Bone-in BS无骨肉亚博体育下载猪肉的说明,准备/烹饪有很大的差异吗?

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    • Dang, our notes keep disappearing on us! Ugh! I’ll add it back in. thank you Serena! he only difference is that it will probably be done sooner so keep your eye on it!

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  • Going to have to try this! Curious about the crisping process as well. Also there’s a bit of discrepancy between the instructions up top and in the actual recipe. Is the cooking temperature 200 or 225 degrees? And I’m assuming the meat is done when it reaches 145 degrees like you say above and not 200 degrees as stated in the recipe?

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    • 嘿斯蒂芬妮!对困惑感到抱歉!内部临时应该是200的......即它准备好切碎。我们更新了说明,以清除酥脆的过程!感谢您的反馈,以便我们澄清一切!

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  • I love Carnitas but have never made it at home. Your list of ingredients calls for oil for final crisping but your instructions don’t mention a final crisping. Also, unless one gets up at 2am to put this in the oven, it won’t be ready for dinner. Do you think the meat could be refrigerated and then before serving have the final crisping, which would also reheat it? Looking forward to trying this.

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    • 我也想知道被提到的石油作为“最终亚博体育下载脆脆”。

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      • Hey Amy! We have updated the instructions to clarify this! Let us know if you have any further questions! Thank you for letting us know!

    • 嘿丹尼斯!我们通常在晚上睡觉前将猪肉扔进烤箱中......就像上午11点左右。然后,如果它煮12-14小时,休息2,然后你做最后的脆,它准备好了晚餐。你要爱这些卡尼塔斯!我们已更新说明,以澄清最终酥脆!

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